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After Rigoletto and Gilda, the most captivating duo on the stage are hit-man Sparafucile (Tyrelle Wilde) and his lady-of-the-night sister Maddalena (Natalie Easter), who seem like side-characters until the entire third act hinges on the misadventures they cause in a seedy motel. They are as believably characters in a seedy Las Vegas scheme as the bartender and the lounge pianist, but both actors switch from supporting roles to major players very effectively.

Jennifer Mustoe, Front Row Reviewers Utah


"Natalie Easter's Katherina Cavalieri always caught your eye the minute she stepped on stage. While she didn't have many lines, her sotto voce rendition of "Caro mio ben" was hauntingly beautiful."

Cindy and Perry Whitehair, Front Row Reviewers Utah


"During one early scene, Natalie Easter (who plays the part of soprano Katherina Cavalieri) sings to entertain guests. The notes are powerful, but she keeps them quiet enough so that Salieri’s monologue can be heard during the song. Later, the same actress is let loose as she delivers a convincing operatic performance during a scene without dialogue."

UTBA, Utah Theatre Bloggers

Sondheim's COMPANY

"The ensemble was outstanding... each of them was unique and completely honest in their portrayals."

Jason Evans , Front Row Reviewers Utah

Natalie is featured as April in the recording of The Cabaret Girl (Kern) with Ohio Light Opera. To purchase this recording, visit:

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